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Monro, Inc.
30-Day Price Protection on Tire Purchases

Terms and Conditions*


1. Within 30 days following the date of your tire purchase from a Monro, Inc. retail location (the “Location”), you may provide a local competitor’s advertised price for the same brand, size, and model tire. The advertised tire must be in stock at the local competitor.

    a. “Local competitor” excludes online retailers, such as Amazon, Tire Rack, etc.

    b. “Local” means within a reasonable driving distance from the Location.

2. You may provide the advertised price to the Location, by calling our Guest Services Department at 1800-876-6676, select option 2

3. This price protection applies to the invoice price of the tire ONLY and excludes the price of labor or services related to the installation of the tire.

4. This price protection may not be used in combination with any other offer or promotion that further reduces the tire’s retail price.

5. Monro’s Director of Guest Services will have the final decision-making with respect to the application of these terms and conditions.

*Terms and conditions effective for purchases made on or after November 1, 2023, at any retail location operated by Monro, Inc. Company retains the right to change these term